ASRC Catering

Be Friendly worked with the amazing NGO “Asylum Seeker Resource Centre” to rebrand their catering program. ASRC Catering provides a source of income for the centre, employment and training opportunities for participants; and delicious catering alternative for clients who like their heart to feel as good as their stomachs.

There were several key objectives for the re-brand: to improve awareness of ASRC Catering through creating a unique and memorable brand identity, to broaden the customer base by creating a brand identity which appeals to corporate and private functions; and to elevate the perception of ASRC Catering’s product by presenting it as a high quality product on par with the best commercial rivals in the sophisticated Melbourne food scene.

The revised brand identity combines common elements from a variety of global writing systems, and conveys a sense of ethnicity without being specific to anyone region. The colour palette is earthy and foody, warm and inviting – think paprika, okra, cacao – yum!