Matt (Creator of Awesomeness at Be Friendly) and Nam have talked about his dream venue ever since Nam had the vaguest of ideas what it would be. Together, we discussed over beers, scribbled on pieces of paper and endlessly researched (by ‘research’ we mean ‘eat and drink a lot‘).

Nam asked Be Friendly to create a space that expressed, down to every detail, what he wanted GOODdays to be. The aesthetically efficient venue draws on the busy ramen shops of Japan, making the most of its small floor plate and removing the barriers between owner, chef and customer. A refined material palette of solid walnut and brass exemplifies Nam’s dedication to authenticity and quality, and hopefully encourages people to stick around for a drink or two with their dinner.

This year, the noodle bar finally took form. It’s a small but warm and deep space in Melbourne’s Brunswick where Nam and co. work directly in front of customers, serving up a tight menu of Vietnamese dishes made from ethically sourced ingredients with exacting care. 

It’s been a long time coming, but the first mouthful of pho we had at GOODdays is probably the best we’ve ever have. And the shop looks good too.