Libation Army

“Beer is proof God loves us and wants us to be happy” is a quote famously misattributed to Benjamin Franklin. We don’t really care though, we understand the sentiment and so does Libation Army.

So much so in fact, their mantra is “Elation Through Fermentation”.

Be Friendly worked with founder, brewer, sommelier and self proclaimed yeast fanatic, Marco Bona, to reflect his passion, energy and independent spirit in the branding for Libation Army. We wanted to create a brand that looked like a craft beer, but didn’t look like any other craft beer; something that appeals to a casual beer drinker, while still satisfying the type of craft beer fanatic who can tell you the IBU’s of every Double IPA they’ve ever had off the top of their head, or explain how long you should roast barley to get a really lovely dunkel.

All this writing about beer is making me thirsty…