Minima Hotel Art Rooms

The Majestic Minima Hotel is a very nice, very modern boutique hotel in North Adelaide… it just lacked a bit of panache.

Over the course of a year Be Friendly worked with Majestic Hotels to transform the interior of their 45 room hotel into 45 works of art. Working to the broad theme of “creation”, Be Friendly hand-picked a diverse selection of artists and designers, who worked with a variety of media and demonstrated a great range of aesthetics. At 45 rooms spread over three floors, we believe this is the most comprehensive project of its type in Australia.

*The artists featured here are (in order): Be Friendly, Joel VDK, Vans the Omega, Ashleigh Abbot, Tristan Kerr, Kab101, Kate Gagliardi and Tom Borgas.

Photography by Jonathan VDK