UR Caffé

UR Caffé is a must visit for its charming staff, on point coffee and beyond delicious spicy corn fritters. But mixed amid character cottages and tired shop fronts on an ageing high street, owner-operators Kate and Boyd needed to find a way to stand out.

The pair engaged Be Friendly to re-imagine their frontage. Applying a bold geometric paint job has turned UR Caffé into a magnet for attention as people approach. The design, conceived by Be Friendly, incorporates elements of Kate and Boyd’s personal tastes and has been showcased in the Adelaide Design Manual as a case study of effective shop front revitalisation. 

Be Friendly extended the new aesthetic inside the café with an illustrated wall and a revamp of the existing branding. The result is a space that reflects the owners’ ever-cheerful character, quirky tastes and the idiosyncratic charm of UR Caffé.

Photography by Jonathan VDK & Be Friendly